Sarah Olson

Art Director

Sarah Olson was born in Invercargill, New Zealand, one of the southernmost cities in the world. Her travel-enthusiast parents took her to many locations abroad, ultimately settling in the United States. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Portland.

An accomplished designer who started out in fashion design and children’s illustration, she transitioned to structural interior design to focus primarily on residential remodels. She has been recognized by the Building Industry Association of Washington and received the 2008 Building Excellence Award for Residential Exterior.

Much as writers seek le mot juste for their work, Sarah is often seeking out the perfect 2-D or 3-D objects for the indoor and outdoor spaces under her transformative care. She will respect the retro look and cozy feel of a Portland Craftsman, yet fill it with the sudden, brazen color and daring form of contemporary New Zealand glasswork and ceramic sculpture as a provocation, a challenge to the aesthetic status quo.

Her eye for finding local as well as international talent led her to Penduline.


Bonnie Ditlevsen


Bonnie Ditlevsen began her career of linguistic wanderlust as a translator in Europe before doing a graduate degree in English and taking it with her to central China. It was there, teaching academic writing at Xi’an International Studies University, that she heard the call both to perform music and to write. She sang blues for the first time, did voiceover for an avant-garde Chinese film production, took part in a radio show and a modeling gig, and chaired her first creative writing competition. Back again in Europe, she focused solely on vocal music, performing in a jazz-rock ensemble, an a cappella swing jazz trio, and a blues band. In Portland she studies classical singing, concentrating on Baroque works in Italian, Latin and German, and lending her voice as the newest soprano member of the Bach Cantata Choir.

Three of her narratives on education have been published in Hip Mama, The Literary Kitchen, and ORBIDA.  She has poems in The Literary Kitchen and The Prompt, a 24-hour narrative in Postcard Poems & Prose, a satirical flash in Every Day Fiction, a guest feature in Seattle’s Yard Sale Bloodbath, an end-of-suburban-days satirical sci-fi story in the anthology The People’s Apocalypse (Microcosm Publishing, 2012), and a 1989 East Berlin memoir piece in Verbalist’s Journal, which she has also performed live for audiences at 826 Seattle. She loves the editorial process, especially the opportunity to select stories for their power off of the page, in the reader’s imagination.

Mission Statement:

Penduline (pronounced PEN-djoo-lyne) is a Portland-based literary and art magazine that seeks to create a presence for emerging as well as established graphic artists and writers of sudden fiction, flash fiction, prose poetry, poetry, and short stories.