Jihane Mossalim




“Mike, Eddy and the Tricycle”

“The Doll”

“The Gate”

“The Walk”

Jihane Mossalim

Montreal native Jihane Mossalim studied Fine Arts at Dawson College and worked in the media industry as a special effects and beauty make-up artist before transitioning to full-time painting. Her works have been shown in galleries throughout North America, including Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago and Colorado. Currently exhibited in Montreal as well as in private collections, she is now represented by Corinne Asseraf of Galerie 203 in old Montreal, where most of her paintings can be found. She is interested in how the human mind works and its selective way of remembering certain things and not others; in the way the brain views memories as still frames and how only a very select few will make it to old age. Representations of children are an essential part of Jihane’s work; people’s deepest fears, craziest dreams and beliefs, and fondest memories are born in childhood. The older we get, the more mysterious it becomes, and that fascinates her.

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