Lauren Worsley


"Seated Nude"

“Seated Nude”

stretch-I copy





Smile and the World Smiles With You

"Nude Holding Hair"

“Nude Holding Hair”

"The Old Age of an Eagle Is Better Than the Youth of a Sparrow"

“The Old Age of an Eagle Is Better Than the Youth of a Sparrow”



"Protect II"

“Protect II”

Woman and Satin Sheet

Woman and Satin Sheet


Lauren Worsley

Lauren Worsley is a South African Auckland-based self-taught artist who started her art career in 2008. Born in 1977, Lauren spent much of her childhood outdoors camping, fishing, and playing sport; she moved to New Zealand in 2003 after marrying a gorgeous Kiwi man she found in London. Her bold oil paintings are inspired by a constant quest to capture a sense of energy and life force in her surroundings and to transport the viewer to a different place/time. She favours the luminosity, challenge and depth of oil paint and currently most of her work involves capturing the drama, gesture, life essence and rhythm of the human form by using contrasts and rich colour. Fascinated with creating mood and presence, her work attempts to discover and portray these by experimenting with layering, colour, contrast and texture.

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