Featured Artist: Brin Levinson

“The Lost Tracks”

“The Crossing”


“United Artifacts”



Brin Levinson

My current works are acrylic and oil paintings on canvas. What I love about painting is the ability to build a visual image completely from scratch. There is no limit to what the painting can become. I attempt to create a heightened reality instilled with nostalgia and déjà vu. I combine fragments of realism and imagination in my compositions to create a world balanced on the edge of familiar and foreign. I am largely inspired by industrial areas and old architecture. I find the juxtaposition of urban landscapes and nature much more interesting than either one element on its own. I want to create a dreamlike scene of one suspended moment in an unknown history. I attempt to create an open-endedness to the stories in my paintings. There is a luring mystery in a moment recorded by only one picture. An unfinished dream is something you can become obsessed with.

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