Featured Artist: Lysa Rhean Provencio

“A Firm Resolve” (2010, acrylic and ink on wood)

“The Study of Entanglement” (2009, ink on Bristol paper)

“Fine Feathered” (acrylic and pencil on wood panel)

“Stay Away” (2011, acrylic and pencil on birchwood)

“In One Ear” (2009, ink on Bristol paper)

“Waves for Him” (2008, acrylic on Fender custom guitar)

“Baby Et Gilles” (2012, digital photo)


Lysa Rhean Provencio

Lysa Rhean Provencio is a Los Angeles based, self-taught artist who has shown in over a dozen group shows in Los Angeles galleries such as La Luz De Jesus and The Hive. She has curated six themed group shows, and did a series of paintings for Fender Guitar on custom made guitars. Her art can be described as a world woven between spectral dreams that celebrates the ebb and flow and fragility of the human experience. For Lysa, art is a light, fast prayer, a dimly lit spell, and supple confession. Currently she resides in Orange with her boyfriend and her feline muse, Babyhead. You can find her latest updates at lysarheanprovencio.blogspot.com.

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