I Found Love at a Llama Show

The Indiana State Fair to be exact. We locked eyes for the first time, together in the ring. My llama humming gently. Hers humming back. I, holding tightly to my lead rope nervously. She, to hers as well. The judge crossed our glance, shifting to feel the hocks and withers, to slide his hand down my llama’s wooly mane. “Show me its teeth.” I took my llama’s head within my hand and lifted its lips to the light. The judge bending to look upon its gums, he ran his fingers across the pink to feel the blood beneath the skin. “Thank you,” he said and I moved to my position, glancing to watch the girl lift her llama’s lips to invite the judge as well. A year later, she judged my shirtless body, and moved her lips to mine. She took my hand in hers and ran it beneath her bra. Together, we found love in a Camry’s backseat jostle. In a vacant parking lot on a Sunday afternoon.

Daniel Lassell

Daniel Lassell has been featured (or is forthcoming) in several publications, which include literary journals such as Future Cycle, riverrun magazine, Pure Francis, and Haiku Journal, and anthologies such as Panik: Candid Stories of Life Altering Experiences Surrounding Pregnancy, A Celebration of Young Poets, and Overplay/Underdone. In his youth, he raised llamas on a farm in Eminence, Kentucky. Today, he lives in Huntington, West Virginia, where he teaches at Marshall University. [Photo: Austin Lassell, 2012]

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