Public Announcement


text 1

in 5 minutes
but shutdown doesn’t come

public fear
if not fullform anger

a game of impressions
and multiple threats
(after all what’s life
imitating chess
but this)
– start white’s clock –
though it’s pointed out
it’s always
                          ticked on

a mathematical mind
constructs a queuing system
ticket no. 88 goes to counter
to counter terrorism
charges from the bank
litigation is fear

informality to military
(note: In English first, then As Gaeilge)
                          Skerries / Na Sceirí
                          Malahide / Mullach Íde
ly upper middle
class if not quite West
Brit but Gael-
scoil snob

dialect to basic English
                          – Bases Out! –
to Mother Greek
and back
and forth
                          Leoforos Tzon Kenenty
                          Odos Fragklinou Rousvelt
ethno-political correctness disappearing
up its own arse
                          back to

in 2 minutes
file along
                          and pray
your reserved seats
aren’t already occupied
the bother
(don’t make a fuss)

train approaching!

a thin yellow line now
separates you
from a surprising

library cutups

you’re turned off
the use of material obtained by mobile
means charging
50c for a read
as easy as this                better take one
photocopy it please deposit
in a library safe                               a turnoff place
not only a bank holiday                              it will charge
your will            your resolutions                             it will
take you just beyond where
you’re entitled

you’re never far from another
in privacy

an office
closed for the centenary
give us celebrations we’ll reopen
rooms for large communities
only book your magazines on confidentiality issues
at 2pm                no information supplied
no matter how courteous this alphabetised
promotional material
suggests                         new books
installed or used by committee
a centenary of deposits?

there’s fiction in Braille
is a non-seen fact there               only
if faced by staff within the confines
of our clock

information makes citizens join
crime promptly
staff with regard to policy
are served                      charged
with bulletin change three times
an hour

computer batteries to be marked by tower
tickets are required to board
phone and reserve

fact is a novel way to distribute
the here and now                         available
at 5pm before mobile printing
is closed
phone for bookfire         yes
the story of languages and their evolution
included at all times

due care
to be with teens
what is the point             even
in friendly manner
the book will be thrown
in this environment                        climate
everywhere towns obsessed with tidy
adults               the council
must protect traditions

all libraries
signed with Irish blood                            a fiction
is as good a consultation as you’ll ever get
at this point               wait until Tuesday
when at least some information will be accepted
in print                            online                            no talking
our communication forms
have changed
if you’re looking to return           to language
relevance           go online
the mind is opening
– I will say it twice, opening –
on Friday
for your reference all libraries                  are best
manned by staff with knowledge
& application                               turned
between policy on the one hand
and lunch
while away the time here you’re in
for a treat


have the funeral of your choice @ camden / hands free set on bus / between 5th and 9th
any day / what’s so hard to understand / your stupid
               (no toilets in library what a dickhead librarian no customer service / this male staff
                                                      member is a dick head you should not work here get out)
It’s a song without title / things you treasure that you never had / news circled the world /
go swim in the sea here at home
      (Have your say in the strongest possible terms / boycott Mauritius holidays now register
                                                             for your household charge account / penalties apply)
Forgotten something? Clean up / keep up the boycott don’t be bullied / authorised
vehicles only / commuter lifestyle encourages
     (The illuminati is bent / fuck off skaters / were still gonna come up here / were watchin /
                                                                                                                 spell properly man)

media attacks the left / why so serious / student rail hate to live here / whats the
independents agenda / the comfort movement
out of order vandalism / the spanish man knows / hello I’m from Ukraine / the arab’s
busy / not in eastern europe? / na zdrowie
      (I’m in napa bitch / waiter or waitress wanted experience / shift morning or night freshly
                                                                               squeezed / glass bottom boat / other trush)
karaoke free viagra if you sing / leads to longlife / for your safety do not walk through the
barrier walk around it
             (Hear a real story of a man who was born and lived / occupied ghost town / tonight
                                                        comedy hypnotist Michael Jackson / all in the charcoals)
I want to do a jesse / follow the frog / we compine the old methods with the modern
technology / our products are produced
            (This water is spring 2km from here don’t worry is clean / fully furnished for girls or
                                                                                     couple / goods in the base of the diet)
Trade your item for cash then buy it back in 28 days / closed due to continuous non-
payment of rent and breech of a court order
         (Ali’s hen weekend Dublin 2012 / a champion is someone who gets up when he cant /
                                                                  you can help stop this visit / 405 new missed calls)
how can we defeat austerity / need to hire a coach? / customers wanted apply within /
dress for the official handover of goats
       (If we forget for a moment about political correctness is there any of us who’d live next
                                                                                  door to travellers / seats are not for fees)
home helps care workers demonstrate / sword sex press / sorcha and bryan wedding /
every child matters / cigarette ends please
broadband more important than electricity / the alternative to capitalist crisis / anti-climb
paint applied to this drainpipe
      (Children should be seen and heard / tattoo piercing / an element of undesireables on the
                                                                                          train / a bunch of posers / vote yes)
     (Garda martina noonan gets done by a dog / she had a heartbeat too / something nice and
                                                                        irish / grit salt no shit / no Dublin city sewage)
this is a catholic country / this is a catholic country / this is a catholic country / this is a
catholic country / this is a c
Note:   part 3 (‘public-private’) is one side of a conversation/collaboration with James Wilkes, commissioned by Steven Fowler for the Camarade project, and first performed on Saturday 9 February 2013 at the Rich Mix arts centre, London.

Christodoulos Makris

Christodoulos Makris is a poet and editor. He was born in Nicosia, and has also lived in Manchester, London, and since 2001 in Dublin. His collections include Spitting Out the Mother Tongue (Wurm Press, 2011) and the artist’s book Muses Walk (2012). His short poetry-film Safe as Houses (2013) is forthcoming, and his work is included in a new anthology of contemporary European poetry to be published later this year in Zagreb. He represented Cyprus at Poetry Parnassus, part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. More at Twitter: @c_makris

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