Best of the Net 2012 Nominees

Sundress Publications is creating another edition of The Best of the Net Anthology. Penduline Press is pleased to announce our 2012 nominees:

Poetry/Prose Poetry Category Nominees:

Daniel Coshnear, “” (Issue 4)
Michelle Joy, “The (Empty) Road” (Issue 5)
Ann Batchelor Hursey, “What Lay Open” (Issue 5)
Brendan Regan, “Country Satori” (Issue 5)
Tim Kahl, “Submission Story” (Issue 4)
John Aylesworth, “For the young woman who kills snakes and works at Tractor Supply” (Issue 5)
Story Category nominees:

Lisa Sinnett, “Meant to Disturb” (Issue 2)
James Russell, “The Camp Seminole Wiener Wall” (Issue 4)

Congratulations to Dan, Michelle, Ann, Brendan, Tim, John, Lisa, and James!
[Image: “Cartography” by Leonard Kogan, Issue 4]