Best of the Net 2013 Nominees

Bruce Sydow, “R&R in Sydney, 1970” (Issue 8)
Kevin Higgins, “Poem In The Manner of The Late Kevin Higgins” (Issue 9)
Abby Oliveira, “Freedom Fighters” (Issue 9)
Kit Fryatt, “I Find” (Issue 9)
Chris Joyner, “Why She Wrestles” (Issue 8)
Timothy Marsh, “Uncle Mike” (Issue 6)
Anthony Isaac Bradley, “Diary of a Sex Doll” (Issue 6)
Holly Painter, “Repco” (Issue 7)

Congratulations, Bruce, Kevin, Abby, Kit, Chris, Tim, Anthony, and Holly!

[Artwork: Jihane Mossalim, “Mike, Eddy and the Tricycle“]